NoFo’s Favorite Cocktails of 2022

NoFo’s Favorite Cocktails of 2022

Published 10/05/22 | By Eliana Barnard


NoFo started distilling spirits in late 2021 and now bottle over five different spirits in house: vodka, gin, honey moonshine, bourbon and soon to be agave spirit. We have 16 expertly crafted cocktails on our menu, and our team has picked their favorites of 2022 thus far. Whether you have tried all of NoFo’s cocktails or haven’t had the chance to try any yet, grab a friend and come taste them at NoFo this weekend.

Big Chili

NoFo’s Favorite Cocktails of 2022

Made with honey moonshine, fresh citrus, agave and pineapple, Big Chili is a crowd favorite – especially with its tajín and salt rim. Named Big Chili after its creator Big Chili, this cocktail is sour, slightly sweet and smooth. “I think the tajín and salt rim really make it and bring a sweet and spicy addition to the drink. It is refreshing, not too sweet and not too bitter.” – Bree

Skinny Lil Chili

Shh…this is a secret off menu item. Made with vodka instead of honeyshine and only fresh citrus, this one has all of the goodness of Big Chili with less calories. “This is my go to because it offsets all my beer drinking calories…kidding! 😉 I love the sour aspect of the drink.” – Heather

Cranberry Mule

Our cranberry mule fulfills all the dreams of spicy mule lovers. Made with vodka or bourbon, Fever Tree ginger beer, cranberry-pomegranate and lime, this drink is cool and complex. Served in a copper mug (of course), the cranberry mule with vodka is Rie’ver’s go-to.

Bourbon Mule

Bourbon cuts through ginger beer more than its vodka counterpart. The Fever Tree ginger beer and our 3 year aged bourbon stand up against and pair beautifully together. “I’m not actually a cocktail guy at all, but if I had to pick one our Bourbon Mule would be it. It’s simple and delicious.” – Devon | “I love the ginger and bourbon pairing. Agreed with Devon, it’s simple and delicious.” – Jake

Porch Sipper Vodka

NoFo’s Favorite Cocktails of 2022

Our Porch Sipper is made with sweet tea, house sour mix fresh lemon and your choice of vodka or bourbon. Basically, our version of a John Daly, this cocktail is Topher’s favorite. Pro tip: Ask your bartender to add a little peach syrup to make this one a Georgia Porch Sipper. IYKYK.

Five Miles In 

NoFo’s Favorite Cocktails of 2022

If you love cucumber and uber refreshing beverages, you’ll love this one. Five Miles In is on another level made with gin, cucumber, elderflower, basil and fresh lime. Cool and fizzy, this cocktail is herbaceous and floral. “I love how fresh this drink tastes and all the complex flavors it gives you!” – Eliana

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